Cub Scouts Pack 213 of San Jose

We had the pleasure of hosting a race for our local cub scouts. 

9 of the little guys showed up, with one girl and they brought company (the parents)

Lizzy did not intend to race, but when she did she took to the track right away and almost won the main event, second by only 2 laps.

The excitement carried over to the parents for their race, which ended up being a lower lap total than the kids.  Now granted the power was turned up, but still, they should have done better.  J  They blamed the marshalling for their outcome…lol.  I don’t think so!

All-in-all it was  a great day of racing.  Nice to introduce some new people to the hobby.  Any other cub scout packs who would like to race, please let us know. 

Thanks and hope to see you guys again soon. 

Shaunadega Raceway




August Race Report


Hi Guys,


I’ll get right to it…


We had 13 racers for the Saturday night event.  If you were a Skjerven you were  in….seeing as they were 1/4 of the field.  With that said we started off with the beautiful Tyco 440-x2 Superbirds.  Painted like the real Nascar’s back in the day.


A random field was set with a round-robin format.  No qualifying, just click and go.  It was quite the mix with our seasoned vets, a woman and a rookie thrown in there.


The final results are as follows……….


George     259

Paul          256

Stu            252

Erik           250

Kirby        248

Randy      247

Shaun      241

Alec         239

Ted          238

Kyle         233

Rosanna 230

Don         228

Ty            204


Figures the painter took top honors, and unfortunately we lost car number 1.  A ferocious hit from the rear. Took off the whole back end.  Yes, I was driving it!!


Next up was Qualifying for the NASCAR Tyco’s with Shaun taking Pole at 1.851 in lane two.  Stu and Kyle were very close behind as they were in the high eighteens.


So the field was set for our evening racing with 7 racers in the B Main.  Latecomer Philly joined us and rookie Ty, a Skjerven friend.   At the end it was Kirby and Paul making the transfer to the A main with only 1 lap between them.


Our A Main was a good one, with Stu, Shaun, Kirby, Paul, Erik and Kyle.  Finishing just like that.. Stu and Shaun had a great battle all night, with only a few laps between them.  In the end though Stu took the win with 501.


Other notables. Kyle unfortunately had some bad racing luck; bent pick up shoe spring kept him out of contention.  As I’m sure he would have been there, since he was 3rd in Qualifying.  All in all. it was a long night with plenty of racing.  I wish we didn’t lose our veteran drivers. The A main was quite a good show.


Pit News- and for those who missed it we had quite the bull session with Kirby and Paul telling their best

It was really nice to host the event – sorry about the heat – not my fault!


See you guys next time.


Who’s’ up next? Stu? Randy? Ted?


Thanks, Shaun



While visiting New York for Rosanna’s daughter’s wedding (it was nice…aw!!), I had the pleasure of visiting Slot Car Central in Syracuse, upstate New York.


What a find.  God, this place is loaded with slot car stuff – all HO.  Inventory from top to bottom, as you will see in the pictures, mostly Tyco’s guys….sorry, LOL.


Met Robert Molta, the owner, Friday morning – right before the wedding rehearsal.  He was very welcoming – and took me in like any slot car enthusiast would.  So unfortunately, with Rosanna rushing me, I didn’t have time to see everything right then, but made plans to come back the morning of the wedding to spend some time checking everything out.  Lucky for me, it was an evening wedding!!


So Robert gave me the grand tour, from the showroom floor to the back, including his private stash.  As you can tell from the photos, it was well worth coming back.  Even with that, I didn’t get to see everything.


I recommend if you are ever in upstate New York that you visit Slot Car Central.  He has Monday to Friday hours, with limited time on the weekend.  However, he will accommodate you, especially if you’re from out of town.  He welcomed me with open arms, and I’m sure he will do the same for you.


Robert’s website is: – though the website doesn’t do it justice.  40 plus years of inventory.  What a find!!


You would never know what is behind this door.


Robert in his showroom.

mms_picture (1)

More of the showroom.

mms_picture (2)

One of many drawers loaded with cars.

mms_picture (3)

Nascar Tycos in the drawer!!!

mms_picture (4)

Sealed boxes – floor to approx. 6ft high – of slot car sets.

mms_picture (5)

Blurry photo doesn’t do this justice, but its a 7ft cabinet, 3 door stocked with bags of Tyco parts.


NOR-CAL Round 11

Hi guys – here’s the late race report from Sunday.
We had 10 racers, with 2 rookies.  After practice, first race up was the IROC Tycos.
QUALIFYING was in lane 1 with the No. 6 Valvoline car.  Pole went to Shaun with a 2.313 followed closely by George with a 2.324 and Stuart with a 2.327.  Qualifying times put these guys into the A Main.
Randy boasted a 2.329 with a No. 1 spot in the B Main; followed by Gil, Steve, Kirby, Jonathan and Rosanna.
B MAIN Results were as follows:
Name                             Place                    Laps
Gil                                   1                            264
Randy                             2                            262
Steve                              3                            249
*Kirby                              4                           240
Rosanna                         5                           225
**Jonathan                      6                           203
*    25 lap penalty assessed in lane 1 for not pitting (again)!!
**  We welcome Jonathan to the track.  First time ever to race slot cars.  Looks like the guy has potential.
The top 3 transferred to join us boys in the A Main.
A MAIN Results were as follows:
Name                             Place                    Laps
*Stuart                             1                            281
Shaun                              2                            281
George                            3                            276
Randy                              4                            262
Steve                               5                            260
*  Stuart overtook Shaun by approx. 8 ft. for the win.
Our second feature of the race day was the JL IROC.  With 7 qualifiers, pole went to George with a 2.960.
Our B Main consisted of 4 drivers, with Randy taking the win at 170 laps.  *Kirby 2nd place at 160 laps.  **Eric came in 3rd with 137 laps.  ***Rosanna was 4th with 116.
*     Kirby – he pitted this time!!
**   Eric – rookie – decent finish though for his first time ever racing slot cars.
*** Rosanna – Had to pull out due to conference call (work – ASAP Legal Services, LLC – tell your friends).
With the B race completed, Randy and Kirby moved up to the A Main.  Results as follow:
A MAIN Results were as follows:
Name                             Place                    Laps
Shaun                             1                             200
George                           2                             198
Randy                             3                             190
Gil                                   4                               184
Kirby                               5                             177
Drone 1                          6                             0
Race day ended with the conclusion of the A Main.
Yes – we had a few blips in the day (computer blipped, printed wanted ink…nothing serious) and we learned with the JL to glue the guide pins.  But all in all, it was a great day of racing.  Can’t wait to do it again – hope to see you guys again soon at the next event.
Stuart or Randy – you’re up next!!
BTW – Thanks for the food contributions guys….



The Bob Beers Race

Thursday evening saw one of the rare mid-week races at Shaunadega.  In honor of the Bob Beers tour we had an I.R.O.C. race.  We had a good turnout, 10 racers and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening.  Bob brought some stuff to trade, sell and barter.  He put his poster on the wall and everyone signed it.  It was the usual good spirits with lots of competitive racing.


And yes…hell froze over….Kirby got Pole – that’s right KIRBY MOORE GOT POLE!!  He’s the man!!  Rosanna led the B Main for the first two heats, and took a photo to prove it lol.




STU                        1st  place               249 laps
RANDY                  2nd place               237 laps
Bob                        3rd place               236 laps
Gill                          4th place               236 laps
Paul L                    5th place               231 laps
Rosanna               6th place               216 laps


Stu and Randy made the transfer to the A Main.  Randy just nipped Bob and Gil by a lap.




STU                        1st place                258
Shaun                   2nd place               252
Steve                     3rd place               251
Randy                   4th place               251
Kirby                      5th place               246
Kyle                       6th place               242


Stu took care of business by winning six laps over Shaun.  Second was hard fought with Shaun winning by just a lap over Steve and RandySteve took third by less than two feet.


Bob stayed overnight before heading out to Rick’s on Friday morning.  Glad he could stop by and be part of the fun.  Here’s a few photos of the night’s festivities.  Again, thanks for all coming out on short notice – ‘cos this doesn’t happen without you.


See you in July.


Bob's Garage

Bob’s Tour T-Shirt

Race Team

The Group

Race Moderator Shaun checking details

A Main Proof

Bob's poster with all the signatures

Bob’s poster with all the signatures

Pit strategy

Pit strategy

Rosanna’s Proof…lol

Finish order

Steve & Randy’s Finish



The A Main finish on Saturday night resulted in first place by only three car lengths.  The closest finish of 2013 – and in fact – the closest finish ever since the move to Palmwell.  Take that T-jet boys!!!




Summer Series Race


Here’s the breakdown:

Pole – Rick 2.774 seconds.

1. Shaun 323 laps
2. Curtis 321
3. Greg 320
4. Glen 320
5. Steve 314
6. Gil 312
7. Jerry 293

1. Paul 338 laps
2. Curtis 338
3. George 332
4. Rick 330
5. Shaun 329
6. Stu 299

IROC X-Traction
1. Shaun 235 laps
2. Curtis 231
3. Paul 227
4. Stu 227
5. Ken 224
6. Greg 221
7. George 219
8. Rick 218
9. Glen 216
10. Steve 216
11. Jerry 214
12. Gil 209
13. Phil 208

Come join us for our next race on August 17th.


Ishan’s Birthday Party

Shaunadega Raceway is reserved for a private party on Sunday, June 9th.  Ishan and his friends and family are going to celebrate his birthday.  Looking forward to seeing you all.



Story to follow.



  • Shaun’s Birthday Race

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