This is a commercial track in a residential setting.  The track is a 50 ft tri-oval with 6 lanes and a pit lane.  Each lane has their own hand-held controller (much like video game controllers).  That way you are in control of how fast or slow you drive.  The track is laid out like a miniature of the professional Nascar race tracks.  Each of the cars and all of the surrounding scenery is custom designed and custom painted – so is identical to the real thing.  We even have a Jumbotron.  The races are run through a computer program and you can see on the monitor who is winning, who has the best lap time etc.  Each person has their own designated racing area, so there is no way for anyone to get hurt.  Everyone gets very competitive, so its generally a very fun time for all.  Children are presented with certificates and balloons at the end of the racing, so they have something to take home to show mom and dad. 


We set up tables, chairs, balloons etc. on an outdoor patio outside of the actual race track area.  We can accommodate large parties with a little advance notice.


Pricing ranges from $12-$20 dollars per person, depending on what you wish to include.  Certificates and balloons are included with all price ranges.  

Racing alone, with you supplying all of the food and drink is $12.00;
Racing with drinks included is $15.00 per person; and
Racing with pizza and drinks included is $20.00 per person.
A deposit of $100 would be required for a party of 10 children or more.


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