August Race Report


Hi Guys,


I’ll get right to it…


We had 13 racers for the Saturday night event.  If you were a Skjerven you were  in….seeing as they were 1/4 of the field.  With that said we started off with the beautiful Tyco 440-x2 Superbirds.  Painted like the real Nascar’s back in the day.


A random field was set with a round-robin format.  No qualifying, just click and go.  It was quite the mix with our seasoned vets, a woman and a rookie thrown in there.


The final results are as follows……….


George     259

Paul          256

Stu            252

Erik           250

Kirby        248

Randy      247

Shaun      241

Alec         239

Ted          238

Kyle         233

Rosanna 230

Don         228

Ty            204


Figures the painter took top honors, and unfortunately we lost car number 1.  A ferocious hit from the rear. Took off the whole back end.  Yes, I was driving it!!


Next up was Qualifying for the NASCAR Tyco’s with Shaun taking Pole at 1.851 in lane two.  Stu and Kyle were very close behind as they were in the high eighteens.


So the field was set for our evening racing with 7 racers in the B Main.  Latecomer Philly joined us and rookie Ty, a Skjerven friend.   At the end it was Kirby and Paul making the transfer to the A main with only 1 lap between them.


Our A Main was a good one, with Stu, Shaun, Kirby, Paul, Erik and Kyle.  Finishing just like that.. Stu and Shaun had a great battle all night, with only a few laps between them.  In the end though Stu took the win with 501.


Other notables. Kyle unfortunately had some bad racing luck; bent pick up shoe spring kept him out of contention.  As I’m sure he would have been there, since he was 3rd in Qualifying.  All in all. it was a long night with plenty of racing.  I wish we didn’t lose our veteran drivers. The A main was quite a good show.


Pit News- and for those who missed it we had quite the bull session with Kirby and Paul telling their best

It was really nice to host the event – sorry about the heat – not my fault!


See you guys next time.


Who’s’ up next? Stu? Randy? Ted?


Thanks, Shaun

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