SUPERBIRDS   Hi Guys,   I’ll get right to it…   We had 13 racers for the Saturday night event.  If you were a Skjerven you were  in….seeing as they were 1/4 of the field.  With that said we started off with the beautiful Tyco 440-x2 Superbirds.  Painted like the real Nascar’s back in the […]


While visiting New York for Rosanna’s daughter’s wedding (it was nice…aw!!), I had the pleasure of visiting Slot Car Central in Syracuse, upstate New York.   What a find.  God, this place is loaded with slot car stuff – all HO.  Inventory from top to bottom, as you will see in the pictures, mostly Tyco’s […]

NOR-CAL Round 11

Hi guys – here’s the late race report from Sunday. We had 10 racers, with 2 rookies.  After practice, first race up was the IROC Tycos. QUALIFYING was in lane 1 with the No. 6 Valvoline car.  Pole went to Shaun with a 2.313 followed closely by George with a 2.324 and Stuart with a 2.327. […]

The Bob Beers Race

Thursday evening saw one of the rare mid-week races at Shaunadega.  In honor of the Bob Beers tour we had an I.R.O.C. race.  We had a good turnout, 10 racers and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening.  Bob brought some stuff to trade, sell and barter.  He put his poster on the wall and everyone […]

Summer Series Race

RESULTS OF SPRING SERIES RACE 7  – July 21, 2013 Here’s the breakdown: Pole – Rick 2.774 seconds. CARS B-Main 1. Shaun 323 laps 2. Curtis 321 3. Greg 320 4. Glen 320 5. Steve 314 6. Gil 312 7. Jerry 293 CARS A-Main 1. Paul 338 laps 2. Curtis 338 3. George 332 4. […]

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