NOR-CAL Round 11

Hi guys – here’s the late race report from Sunday.
We had 10 racers, with 2 rookies.  After practice, first race up was the IROC Tycos.
QUALIFYING was in lane 1 with the No. 6 Valvoline car.  Pole went to Shaun with a 2.313 followed closely by George with a 2.324 and Stuart with a 2.327.  Qualifying times put these guys into the A Main.
Randy boasted a 2.329 with a No. 1 spot in the B Main; followed by Gil, Steve, Kirby, Jonathan and Rosanna.
B MAIN Results were as follows:
Name                             Place                    Laps
Gil                                   1                            264
Randy                             2                            262
Steve                              3                            249
*Kirby                              4                           240
Rosanna                         5                           225
**Jonathan                      6                           203
*    25 lap penalty assessed in lane 1 for not pitting (again)!!
**  We welcome Jonathan to the track.  First time ever to race slot cars.  Looks like the guy has potential.
The top 3 transferred to join us boys in the A Main.
A MAIN Results were as follows:
Name                             Place                    Laps
*Stuart                             1                            281
Shaun                              2                            281
George                            3                            276
Randy                              4                            262
Steve                               5                            260
*  Stuart overtook Shaun by approx. 8 ft. for the win.
Our second feature of the race day was the JL IROC.  With 7 qualifiers, pole went to George with a 2.960.
Our B Main consisted of 4 drivers, with Randy taking the win at 170 laps.  *Kirby 2nd place at 160 laps.  **Eric came in 3rd with 137 laps.  ***Rosanna was 4th with 116.
*     Kirby – he pitted this time!!
**   Eric – rookie – decent finish though for his first time ever racing slot cars.
*** Rosanna – Had to pull out due to conference call (work – ASAP Legal Services, LLC – tell your friends).
With the B race completed, Randy and Kirby moved up to the A Main.  Results as follow:
A MAIN Results were as follows:
Name                             Place                    Laps
Shaun                             1                             200
George                           2                             198
Randy                             3                             190
Gil                                   4                               184
Kirby                               5                             177
Drone 1                          6                             0
Race day ended with the conclusion of the A Main.
Yes – we had a few blips in the day (computer blipped, printed wanted ink…nothing serious) and we learned with the JL to glue the guide pins.  But all in all, it was a great day of racing.  Can’t wait to do it again – hope to see you guys again soon at the next event.
Stuart or Randy – you’re up next!!
BTW – Thanks for the food contributions guys….


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