• Tyco / Mattel 440-x2″PAN” chassis (No modifications).
  • Stock bulkheads (no modifications).
  • Stock armature -choice of any of these three arms is legal.  “Matel 3 ohm,” “TYCO 6 ohm” or “Wizzard Hot Stock Item No. SP04T” (No other modifications).
  • Stock magnets (zapping allowed).
  • Any stock configuration brush barrels (no adjustable brush barrels)
  • Any brushes / brush springs.
  • Any pick-up shoes / shoe springs.
  • Any plastic 7/25 ratio gears (no metal gears).
  • Any gear spacer / keeper
  • Any tire / wheel / axle (front & rear).
  • Any guide pin.
  • Chassis must pass FREELY (not forced) through 1.3125″ tech block.
  • Any other modifications will warrant disqualification.



  • Any original short wheelbase Tyco, Mattel, Lifelike or Tomy body(some bodies do not fit through a tech block, but are legal).
  • Body may be lowered.
  • Wheel wells may be cut, but may be no less than .03″ from windows or hood gap line.
  • Inside of body may be ground for tire clearance only, no more -than.125″ from tire.
  • Inside body posts may be removed.
  • Body must retain all windows and windows supports(windows may -be glued in place).
  • Body may be taped to chassis.
  • Any other modifications will warrant disqualification.



  • Once the car has been teched it is impounded before qualifying.
  • After qualifying the car is returned to impound before the race no changes can be made to the car i.e. tire change, tire cleaning or pickup shoes until the end of the first heat.
  • After the heat has ended you have 3 min. to make changes or repairs to the car i.e. oil, clean the tires, clean the pickup shoes, retape the body or replace the pinion gear.
  • It is the drivers responsibility to make sure there car is in the correct lane before each heat.
  • Therefore no pluses will be added to the drivers total if it is found the car was in the wrong lane at the start of the heat.
  • Lane cards MUST be used to mark your place on the Track between each heat. (If you don’t have one a loaner card can be borrowed from the track.)
  • If you deslot during the race speak clearly to the track marshals with your car sponsor and lane.
  • The Race Marshal is the LAST word on any dispute.



  • Qualifying is 15 sec. to get the best time around the track to seed you in the race
  • From your qualify time you will be placed in the heat race. The heat race is 3 min. in each lane and 1.25 min. in between to switch lanes. The winner of the heat is determined by the driver with the most laps in all 6 lanes for that heat.
  • The top 2 drivers from each heat will advance to the next heat race. (This is subject to change due to turn out.)
  • If your car becomes deslotted the track marshal is responsible to return your car to the track. To help the marshal do his or her job when your car has become deslotted callout the sponsor and the lane your car belongs in.



  • The race should be stopped or tracked if a car leaves the track and hits the floor along the driver stations next to the pit area or if the car lands in such a place it can not be reached easily.
  • The Race Marshal may stop the race in the “C” main for any reasonable amount of time to give a rookie driver the chance to repair race damage to their car.



  • The car that leaves the track first should be placed back on the track first.
  • Care should be taken when placing a car back on the track to not deslot another car in the process.
  • Cars should be placed back in the slot not slapped as this can cause damage to the car.

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