The Bob Beers Race

Thursday evening saw one of the rare mid-week races at Shaunadega.  In honor of the Bob Beers tour we had an I.R.O.C. race.  We had a good turnout, 10 racers and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening.  Bob brought some stuff to trade, sell and barter.  He put his poster on the wall and everyone signed it.  It was the usual good spirits with lots of competitive racing.


And yes…hell froze over….Kirby got Pole – that’s right KIRBY MOORE GOT POLE!!  He’s the man!!  Rosanna led the B Main for the first two heats, and took a photo to prove it lol.




STU                        1st  place               249 laps
RANDY                  2nd place               237 laps
Bob                        3rd place               236 laps
Gill                          4th place               236 laps
Paul L                    5th place               231 laps
Rosanna               6th place               216 laps


Stu and Randy made the transfer to the A Main.  Randy just nipped Bob and Gil by a lap.




STU                        1st place                258
Shaun                   2nd place               252
Steve                     3rd place               251
Randy                   4th place               251
Kirby                      5th place               246
Kyle                       6th place               242


Stu took care of business by winning six laps over Shaun.  Second was hard fought with Shaun winning by just a lap over Steve and RandySteve took third by less than two feet.


Bob stayed overnight before heading out to Rick’s on Friday morning.  Glad he could stop by and be part of the fun.  Here’s a few photos of the night’s festivities.  Again, thanks for all coming out on short notice – ‘cos this doesn’t happen without you.


See you in July.


Bob's Garage

Bob’s Tour T-Shirt

Race Team

The Group

Race Moderator Shaun checking details

A Main Proof

Bob's poster with all the signatures

Bob’s poster with all the signatures

Pit strategy

Pit strategy

Rosanna’s Proof…lol

Finish order

Steve & Randy’s Finish

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